About Us

Wrecking-poleKromray Hydraulic Machinery, Inc. is a welding, fabrication, and equipment repair company that works with a wide variety of businesses in need of hydraulic and mechanical repairs, welding repairs, and other on-site service for construction equipment.


Our company is proud to offer more than 30 years of successful, professional experience, offering those in need of of our diverse service offerings with no better choice in the industry. Kromray Hydraulic Machinery, Inc. is a woman-owned company that is fully insured and ready to help your business.


“Paul Kromray from Kromray Hydraulic Machinery Inc. is our go to resource for machinery welding and repairs. His attention to detail while looking out for our best interests is why we call him. Paul will not only repair or weld the equipment that is in need but will look over the machine or attachment to make sure we don’t have any future problems that can be resolved before they become a major repair. Paul also builds and fabricates many custom demolition tools for us. There aren’t too many out there that have the experience and expertise that you will find in Paul Kromray.”
Dave Geertz (General Superintendent) – Alpine Demolition Services, LLC
“Paul Kromray Jr. has done extensive welding, fabrication, mechanical, and hydraulic repairs on our equipment at our four transfer facilities in a cost effective manner. I would highly recommend Kromray Hydraulic Machinery, Inc.”
Dick Hoving (Facility Manager) – Advanced Disposal
“Paul Kromray Jr. has performed numerous mechanical and welding repairs on our construction equipment with the highest quality. Our CAT 140G motor grader, circle gear teeth were worn out on front half of the blades circle gear. Paul cut the circle gear off the blade mounting, rotated circle gear 180 degrees, and rewelded circle gear back on blade mounting and reassembled. Its like new. I strongly recommend Kromray Hydraulic Machinery, Inc.”
Dale Eggert (President) – Reinke Excavating, Inc.